VI International Conference 9-13 September 2013, Paratunka, Kamchatsky krai, Russia

Scientific areas of the conference:

  • Atmosphere physics (including the effect of solar activity on the dynamics of the atmosphere);
  • Geophysical fields and their interaction
  • Physics of earthquake precursors.

Languages of the conference are Russian and English.


Reports and theses

On the efficiency of the method for selection of ionospheric precursors of earthquakes based on the parameters of Es and F2 layers

Korsunova L.P., Khegay V.V.

The results of the study of ionospheric parameter deviations from their background values in summer months of 1998-2002 are presented for Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky ionospheric station of vertical sounding. ...

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Medium-term forecast of the seismic event on February 28, 2013 , M = 6.9, Kamchatka, on the data of water level observations in E-1 well : an example of precursor parametrization

Kopylova G.N., Sizova E.G.

The report considers water level variations in Е-1 well as a precursor for Kamchatka earthquakes, this variation regularly appears before Kamchatka earthquakes with M>=5.0 at the distances (R) up to 350 km. On the basis of this precursor, forecast for the earthquake on February 28, 2013, M=6. ...

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Seismic detection of superbolide explosion in the atmosphere

Konovalova N.A., Alimov O.A., Kalashnikova T.M.

On July 23, 2008 at 14:45 UT, many eyewitnesses observed in the sky of Tajikistan a rear phenomenon, a bright bolide and its dust train, colored by the beams of the setting sun. Flash brightness from the explosion had the magnitude of -20.7. ...

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The adaptation of the analyzer of eigen vectors and a signal component for the soil radon monitoring data at the net of the stations of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky geodynamical ground with the aim to expose herald anomalies of heavy earthquakes

Isakevich V.V., Isakevich D.V., Grunskaya L. V., Firstov P.P., Makarov O.E

The statement of the problem in the theoretical and experimental way of detection of earthquake heralds in different Earth geophysical fields is far from solution, therefore using new effective methods of detection of short-term heralds of great earth-quakes is a problem of paramount importance. ...

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Possible influence of Geomagnetic Sq variations on Earthquake events

Jusoh M.H., Huixin Liu, Yoshikawa A., Uozumi T., Yumoto K.

The sun is the main source of energy to the solar system, and it plays a major role in affecting the ionosphere, atmosphere and the earth surface. The connection between solar wind and the ground magnetic pulsations has been proven empirically by several researchers previously (H. J. ...

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Application of underground electric antennas in the stress-stain state monitoring system of geological environment

Gavrilov V.A., Poltavtseva E.V., Booss Ju.Ju.

Since 2003 electromagnetic measurements with underground electric antenna together with borehole geoacoustic and other measurements have been carried out in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii geodynamical experimental field since 2003. ...

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Analysis of peculiarities of seismic event spatio-temporal distributions in Kamchatka region during 1990 - 2013 based on probabilistic model

Bogdanov V.V., Pavlov A.V.

Investigation of the seismic regime of Kamchatka region is based on the probabilistic approach to the catalog of seismic events for 1990-2013. ...

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Deformation changes of the Earth's crust in the area of high tectonic stress

Bobrova M.E., Perezhogin A.S.

At present, radio interferometry methods are actively used to determine Earth's surface deformations. The strongest displacements are caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and great landslides. ...

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A statistical report on atmospheric vertical electric field as a precursory signature for earthquakes observed from North-East India

Barin Kumar De, Abhijit Choudhury, Anirban Guha, Rakesh Roy

The studies on anomalous variations observed at the Earth's atmospheric vertical electric field (VEF) in the form of bay like depression in its signal strength have been used as a precursory signature of earthquakes. ...

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VLF nighttime amplitude as a precursory signal from earthquakes

Abhijit Choudhury, Barin Kumar De, Anirban Guha, Rakesh Roy

This paper discusses the results of changes in VLF nighttime amplitude as a precursory signal from earthquakes (EQs). ...

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Seismic activity effect on turbulence development in Es sporadic layer of the ionosphere

Alimov O.A., Blokhin A.V.

The paper presents the analysis of Es sporadic layer frequency parameters, i.e. translucency range and coefficient during earthquake preparation. ...

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Identification of lightning with explosive eruption ash clouds of Kamchatka

Cherneva N.V., Mel'nikov A.N., Holzworth R.H., Ivanov A.V., Druzhin G.I., Firstov P.P.

The VLF direction finder, developed and constructed in IKIR FEB RAS, carries out continuous registration of atmospherics. ...

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Sparse approximation method in the analysis of acoustic emission signal morphological features

Tristanov A.B., Marapulets Y.V., Lucovencova O.O., Afanasieva A.A.

Acoustic emission is the phenomenon of elastic wave radiation by an object under examination during its nonlinear transformation. The purpose of the investigation of acoustic emission signals is to obtain information on solid body restructuring. ...

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Potential of Non-Linear Dynamics Methods for Analysis of Geophysical Series and Seismicity

Sychev V.N., Bogomolov L.M.

Recent studies show that earthquakes display the signs of dynamically complex systems. ...

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The results of investigation of geoacoustic emission daily variation at Mikizha Lake during 2006-2011

Solodchuk A.A., Marapulets Yu.V., Mishchenko M.A.

The paper presents the results of investigation of geoacoustic emission daily variation at Mikizha Lake during 2006-2011. It was established, that periodicity of daily variations is 24 hours and its amplitude reaches maximum during day LT. ...

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Geomagnetic storm effect on quasi-static electric field and meteorological quantities in the near-ground atmosphere

Smirnov S.E., Mikhailova G.A., Kapustina O.V.

During geomagnetic disturbances the following effects has been determined: decrease of air electroconductivity is associated with the reduction of galactic cosmic ray flow, one of the main air ionizers; sudden storm beginning caused inductive effects in electric fields; on the following stages ...

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Methodical aspects of estimation of trigger effect of seasonal prevalence on seismicity

Serafimova Yu.K.

On the example of Kuril-Kamchatka region, the relation between earthquake occurrence and season change is considered. ...

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Peculiarities of the Earth magnetic moment change according to the observations at different points of the Earth surface

Semakov N.N.

Estimations of local magnetic constant in different regions during one epoch and of magnetic moment change rate during magnetic observatory operation with long observation series have been carried out. ...

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The evolution equation for the shock deformation problems of nonlinear elastic inhomogeneous mediums

Ragozina V.E., Ivanova Yu.E.

Dynamic deformation of nonlinear elastic bodies, which is caused by the action of short-term intensive loads, leads to a complex mechanical-physical process of shock waves formation and motion. ...

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Investigation of earthquake magnitude effect on generation of wave disturbances in the ionosphere

Perevalova N.P., Sankov V.A., Astafyeva E.I., Zhupityaeva А.S.

Analysis of earthquake magnitude (Mw) effect on the probability of occurrence of wave disturbances in the ionosphere have been carried out. The analysis was based on the measurements of total electron content (TEC) variations from ground-based GPS stations located near epicenters. ...

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Some properties of fractal parametric oscillator

Parovik R.I.

The paper presents phase analysis of oscillating systems with fractal properties. Fractal properties of such systems are determined by external force effect, which depend not only on time but also on shift. ...

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Time Variations in Magnetotelluric Transfer Functions in Kamchatka

Moroz Yu. F., Moroz T.A.

According to the data of long-term monitoring at several sites, low-frequency changes of geoelectric field, magnetotelluric impedance and magnetic tipper in the period range from first minutes to first hours were investigated in the South of Kamchatka. ...

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Anomalous geomagnetic field variations in electric conductivity of the Earth associated with seismicity

Moroz Yu. F., Moroz T.A.

Long-term monitoring of geomagnetic field variations has been carried out at 8 sites in the southern part of Baikal rift. Observation data provide an opportunity to study the change in geomagnetic field intensity across the rift strike at the distance of 170 km. ...

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Results of investigation of the relation between geoacoustic emission and atmospheric electric field in Kamchatka

Marapulets Yu.V., Rulenko O.P., Mishchenko M.A., Larionov I.A.

Results of joint investigation of geoacoustic emission and atmospheric electric field by the ground surface, which have been carried out in Kamchatka since 2005, are presented. ...

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Features of geoacoustic signal flow azimuthal distribution in the conditions of deformation process variability in the near-surface rocks

Marapulets Yu.V., Shcherbina A.O.

The results of long-term investigation of geoacoustic emission directional properties, carried out by a vector receiver in Kamchatka seismically active zone, are presented. Peculiarities of geoacoustic signal azimuthal distribution during weak (background) deformations are considered. ...

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Selection of anomalies in ionospheric parameters on the basis of combination of multiscale wavelet-decomposition and neural networks

Mandrikova O.V., Polozov Yu.A.

The authors propose a method for the analysis of critical frequency parameters of the ionospheric layer F2, based on the combination of multiscale analysis and multilayer neural networks, which allows us to distinguish the abnormal features of ionosphere behavior. ...

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Cosmic ray variation modeling according to neutron monitors data and detection of their intensity ground enhancement precursors

Mandrikova O.V., Zalyaev T.L., Belov A.V., Yanke V.G.

The paper proposes a way to model the data of cosmic ray time variation, that is based on the combination of wavelet transform and multilayer feedforward neural networks, allowing to describe the characteristic variation and to detect some peculiarities formed before strong increases in the ...

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Model and algorithms for geomagnetic data analysis in the tasks of detection of geomagnetic disturbances and calculation of geomagnetic activity index

Mandrikova O.V., Solovyev I.S.

This work is dedicated to the problem of processing and analysis of the Earth magnetic field variations, detection of quiet daily variations and local peculiarities formed during high geomagnetic activity. ...

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Method of geomagnetic data analysis based on the combination of wavelet transform with radial basis neural networks

Mandrikova O.V., Zhizhikina E.A.

The present report is devoted to the development of tools intended for the analysis of the Earth's magnetic field parameters, the extraction of geomagnetic disturbances and estimation of field properties applying artificial intelligence and wavelet analysis according to the data obtained from ...

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DP2 type electric field fluctuations observed by FM-CW HF radar network

Manabu Shinohara, Akihiro Ikeda, Akimasa Yoshikawa, Vasily V. Bychkov, Boris M. Shevtsov, Kiyohumi Yumoto, MAGDAS/CPMN Group

DP2 type geomagnetic fluctuations are associated with field aligned currents between the magnetosphere and the polar ionosphere. Field aligned currents impose a dawn-to-dusk and/or a dusk-to-dawn electric fields on the polar ionosphere. ...

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Anthropogenic noise in observations of natural electromagnetic field

Malkin E.I., Uvarov V.N.

Observations of geophysical electromagnetic fields always contain noise, besides the meaningful data; this noise mainly has anthropogenic origin. Sometimes this noise is an insuperable obstacle for further processing. ...

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Development of a United Geographically-Distributed Information System as the basis of Russia ground infrastructure for Earth remote sensing from space

Loshkarev P.A., Tohkiyan O.O., Musienko V.A., Shishkin A.A.

United Geographycally-Distributed Information System for Earth Remote Sounding (UGDIS ERS) is a complex of ERS database information, information technologies and technical means for its registration and processing and installed at geographycally-distributed centers and sites of ERS data ...

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Reaction of semiconductor materials and water on the influence of radiation, cosmophysical and geophysical factors of environment

Lobanov A.V., Tsetlin V.V., Faynshteyn G.S., Alekseev V.A.

During experimental studies of semiconductor materials and pure water conductivity properties, undergoing electromagnetic and ionizing radiation of low power, variations of dark currents were found. ...

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Peculiarities of sedimentary rock geodeformation processes at ''Karimshina'' station

Larionov I.A., Marapulets Yu.V., Mizhchenko M.A., Solodchuk A.A., Shevtsov B.M.

Results of investigation of geodeformation processes, which have been carried out within the Kamchatka peninsular seismo-active region since 2007, are presented. ...

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Observations of airglow and geomagnetic pulsations at Paratunka and Stecolny

Kazuo Shiokawa, Yuichi Otsuka, Nozomu Nishitani, Shin Suzuki, Smirnov S.E., Shevtsov B.M., Poddelsky I.N.

We have made observations of airglow images and geomagnetic pulsations at Paratunka (52.9N, 158.3E, MLAT=46.0N, since August 2007) and Stecolny (60.0N, 150.9E, MLAT=52. ...

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About Rikitaki system for geodynamo modeling

Il'in I.A., Noshchenko D.S., Perezhogin A.S.

We consider the dynamics of Rikitaki system. The examples of the phase trajectories, depending on the coefficients of the system, are discussed. Specified modes of transition to chaos via period doubling are represented.

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About the regularities of propagation of shift deformations in incompressible nonlinear-elastic media

Dudko O.V., Lapteva A.A.

The relationship between stress and strain is nonlinear for the overwhelming majority of natural and structural materials. This fact is most evident in intensive dynamic deformation of solids and is expressed in the appearance of surfaces of strong breaks - shock waves. ...

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Investigation of the interrelation of moon-solar tides with electromagnetic layer of the atmosphere boundary layer

Grunskaya L. V., Efimov V.A., Rubay D. V.

A system of multichannel synchronous monitoring for electric and geomagnetic fields was developed at spaced stations: physics experimental ground of VlSU; station at Baikal Lake of the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SB RAS; station in Paratunka (Kamchatka), Institute of Volcanology and ...

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Dynamo in a spherical shell, controlled by Poincare operator eigenmodes

Vodinchar G.M., Feshchenko L.K.

In the study of the mechanisms of planetary dynamo, various options for the problem of conducting fluid convection in a rotating spherical shell appear. ...

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Mathematical modeling of regional manifestations of solar activity and their relationship with extreme geophisical processes

Buraev A.V.

The paper presents the analysis based on the data of natural emergencies, occurred in Kabardin-Balkar republic during 1998-2012 and the mathematical model for solar activity dynamics forecast, based on differential equation of fractional order. ...

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Hydrophone monitoring of microseismic activity on the Southern Kuril Islands in 2011-2012

Borisov S.A., Borisov A.S.

The results of the natural hydroacoustic observation of microearthquakes on the Southern Kuril Islands using autonomous hydrophone seismostations are presented. Hydrophone stations were mounted on the Kunashir, Shikotan and Urup Islands. ...

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On the signatures of geoefective solar flares and magnetic storms in the varialions of seismic noise level

Bogomolov L.M., Sycheva N.A., Sychev V.N.

Investigations of the debatable problem on relationship between strong magnetic storms, caused by the Solar flares, and seismicity variations is being continued. ...

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From hypothesis of undeground discharges towards models of relationship of seismicity and electromagnetic effects

Bogomolov L.M.

Up till now the analysis of mechanisms of occurrence of electromagnetic (EM) anomalies before earthquakes (ionospherical perturbations being involved), and the mechanisms of electromagnetic action (EMA) on the seismicity have been carried out independently from each other. ...

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Gamma background increase during precipitation: its origin and energy balance

Balabin Yu.V., Germanenko A.V.

Thunderstorm effect on a muon flux is a well known phenomenon and was observed at many stations. Nevertheless, we were the first to find gamma background increase in the near ground layer of the atmosphere associated with precipitation and observed during all seasons in the Arctic region. ...

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New magnetometers GSM-19FD (GEM Systems) and Mag-01H (Bartington Instruments Ltd) at observatories of IKIR FEB RAS and its opportunities for geophysical researches

Babakhanov I.Y., Basalaev M.L., Dumbrava Z.F., Khomutov S.Y., Poddelsky I.N.

The results of the measurements of the magnetic field using new magnetometers GSM-19FD (GEM Systems Advanced Magnetometers) and Mag-01H Wild-1T (Bartington Instruments Ltd) at Geophysical observatories "Paratunka", "Khabarovsk", "Magadan" and "Cape Schmidt" of IKIR FEB RAS are presented. ...

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Automatic detection of geoacoustic emission pulses on the basis of matching pursuit method

Marapulets Yu. V., Tristanov A.B., Lukovenkova O.O., Afanasyeva A.A.

To study seismic processes, geoacoustic emission signals have been continuously measured in Kamchatka from 1999. Pulses, containing information on emission source, are the most important for the research. ...

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Interaction of volcanism, seismicity and tectonics as a geodynamic process

Akmanova D.R., Vikulin A.V., Dolgaya A.A.

The study of space-time geodynamic patterns within the world's most active regions, conducted by the authors in recent years, made it possible to justify the wave nature of the phenomenon of migration of seismicity and volcanism. ...

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Pi2-associated electric and magnetic filed variations

Akihiro Ikeda, Kiyohumi Yumoto, Manabu Shinohara, Teiji Uozumi, Kenro Nozaki, Akimasa Yoshikawa, Bychkov V.V., Shevtsov B.M.

At the onset of magnetospheric substorms, Pi 2 pulsations occur globally in the magnetosphere with a period range from 40 to 150 seconds [e.g. Saito, 1968]. Pi 2 has been studied with arrays of magnetometers on the ground and with in-situ observation by satellites [e.g., Yumoto et al., 2001]. ...

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Comparison of whistlers with lightning activity

Cherneva N.V., Agranat I.V., Sivokon' V.P., Vodinchar G.M., Lichtenberger J.

Investigation of whistlers, appearing in the result of lightning discharge radiation after propagation through the ionosphere along the Earth magnetic field line, has been carried out to detect new relations between phenomena and processes in the ionosphere and magnetosphere. ...

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Observations of aerosol layers in the upper stratosphere after falling Chebarkulsko meteorite

Cheremisin A.A., Novikov P.V., Ivanov V.N., Zubachev D.S., Korshunov V.A., Lapshin V.B., Ivanov M.S., Galkin K.A., Gubko P.A., Antonov D.L., Tulinov G.F., Nikolashkin S.V., Marichev V.N., Bychkov V.V., Shevtsov B.M.

Passage Chebarkulsky meteorite, which took place February 15, 2013 over the city of Chelyabinsk and the surrounding region, there has been great public outcry and led to a natural interest of researchers of different disciplines. ...

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The results of experimental studies of the spatial structure of the disturbed region of the ionosphere

Frolov V.L.

The paper considers some features of ionospheric artificial turgulence (IAT) generation at mid-latitudes in the conditions of day and night ionosphere. ...

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Investigation of steam mixture effect on geomedium during its free outflow into the atmosphere (Mutnovks parohydroterm field, Kamchatka)

Firstov P.P., Chernev I.I., Makarov E.O., Cherneva N.V.

Natural work on investigation of some parameters of steam-water mixture (SWM) free outflow from Mutnovka thermal water wells has been carried out for several years in summer. ...

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Relation of geoacoustic emission and natural electromagnetic field

Uvarov V.N., Isaev A. Yu, Lutsenko V.I.

Investigation of the results of synchronous registration of geoacoustic emission and electromagnetic field different components was carried out. These data were received in the conditions of low industrial noise and high level of microseismic disturbances (Karymshina). ...

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Nonlinear phenomena in whistlers

Sivokon' V.P., Sannikov D.V., Cherneva N.V.,, Druzhin G.I.

In the result of experimental observations, carried out at "Paratunka" observatory (53.02N, 158.65E; L=2.3), synchronized with HAARP complex (62.30N, 145.30W; L=4.2), an atypical form of whistlers was determined. ...

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Research of geomagnetically induced currents in Kamchatka powergrid

Serovetnikov A.S., Sivokon V.P.

Geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) are serious thread for normal functioning of technogenic systems with long conductor elements. ...

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Detection of crystalline particles in the atmosphere by the method of polarization laser sensing

Samokhvalov I.V.

The method of laser polarization sensing of the atmosphere is described. It is based on the experimental determination of altitude profiles of backscattering phase matrix (BSPM). ...

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Radom-222 as a factor, determining atmosphere near ground layer electrical condition

Petrova G.G., Petrov A.I., Panchishkina I.N., Starostina O.P.

The paper considers the results of expedition measurements of atmosphere electrical characteristics and radon-222 concentration in soil gas and near ground air at Rostov region and Mt. Elbrus highland sites. ...

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Atmosphere electric criterion of aerosol and radioactive pollution of the atmosphere

Panchishkina I.N., Petrov A.I., Petrova G.G.

A method for aerosol and radioactive pollution control of the atmosphere on the basis of experimental data on light ion concentration and Rn-222 volumetric activity in the near ground air is discussed in the paper. ...

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Vertical temperature variations in winter atmosphere above Yakutsk by optical measurement data

Nikolashkin S.V., Ammosov P.P., Ignatiev V.M., Titov S.V., Koltovskoy I.I., Reshetnikov F.F.

The results of simultaneous measurements of atmospheric temperature from 0 to 100 km by lidar, spectrometric and interferometric methods in winter 2008 in Yakutsk are presented. ...

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Dynamics of highly excited atoms of the upper atmosphere

Nepomnyashchiy Y.A., Perezhogin A.S., Shevtsov B.M.

Highly excited atoms in the upper atmosphere arouse interest of a many specialists. Today, they still remain a poorly understood phenomenon. This paper presents the first results of experimental research of the excited atom dynamics in the upper atmosphere. ...

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Assessment of the Status and Dynamics of the Ionospheric D region Using Space-Based Radio Facilities

Nagorsky P.M., Zuev V.V.

The ionospheric D region is insufficiently studied in comparison with other regions. ...

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Variations of meteorological and atmospheric-electrical quantities in the plumes from powerful forest fires

Nagorsky P.M., Ippolitov I.I., Kabanov M.V., Pkhalagov Yu., Smirnov S.V.

Extreme weather conditions, which prevailed in summer in the European part of Russia in 2002 and 2010 and in Siberia in 2004 and 2012, led to the emergence of a large number of forest and peat fires, accompanied by sever smog in the atmosphere. ...

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Two-point monitoring of seismic areas in Kamchatka region by lightning discarge signals

Mullayarov V.A., Druzhin G.I., Argunov V.V., Abzaletdinova L.M., Mel'nikov A.N.

The paper describes technique and preliminary results of monitoring of seismic areas in Kamchatka region according to the observations of lightning discharge electromagnetic signals, atmospherics, at two sites. One observation point is located near Yakutsk. ...

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High Energy Particles and Atmospheric Processes

Mironova I.A.

The main ionization source of the Earth middle and lower atmosphere is related to energetic particles coming from outer space. Usually it is ionization from cosmic rays that is always present in the atmosphere. ...

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Lidar measurements of air density in the middle atmosphere. Modeling of potential capabilities in spectrum UV region

Marichev V.N., Bochkovsky D.A.

Errors in lidar measurements of the air density in the middle atmosphere are analyzed. A lidar was placed on board the ISS. A solid-state Nd: YAG laser operating at the 3rd and 4th harmonics with wavelengths of 353 and 266 nm was used as a lidar transmitter. ...

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Lidar investigations of sudden stratospheric warmings over Tomsk in winters of 2010/11 and 2011/12.

Marichev V.N.

Manifestations of winter stratospheric warming (SW) for 2010/11 and 2011/12 (January), transition phases from a disturbed vertical temperature distribution (VTD) to a stable state (February-March), VTD stabilization (April-November) were considered. ...

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Behavior of air temperature and density vertical distribution in the middle atmosphere above Tomsk during stratospheric warming and quiet periods.

Marichev V.N., Bochkovsky D.A.

The paper analyzes the influence of winter stratospheric warming (SW) on the characteristics of air temperature and density vertical distribution in the middle atmosphere above Tomsk. ...

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Analysis of potential capabilities of lidar measurements of air density in the middle atmosphere

Marichev V.N., Bochkovsky D.A.

In the present paper, the potential capabilities of lidar measurements of the atmospheric density in the middle atmosphere are analyzed. ...

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Investigation of variability of the background aerosol vertical structure above Tomsk in 2010-2011 carried out at IOA SB RAS lidar observatory

Marichev V.N.

The paper analyzes experimental data on variations of vertical-temporal structure of aerosol, which were obtained using a lidar complex of the station of high-altitude atmospheric sensing (SHAS) IAO SB RAS for the period 2010-2011. ...

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Method of modeling and forecasting of ionospheric data based on the combination of wavelet transform and autoregressive-integrated moving average models

Mandrikova O.V., Glushkova N.V., Zhivetiev I.V.

The work is focused on the development of technologies and software systems for the study of the time variations of ionospheric parameters and detection anomalies that can occur during periods of ionospheric disturbances. ...

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On resonance properties of the Earth's magnetosphere

Leonovich A.S., Mazur V.A.

The Earth's magnetosphere is formed by the interaction of the solar wind with the geomagnetic field and look like almost an empty cavity with very rarefied plasma. ...

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To the question of mathematical modeling of electrokinetic phenomena in cloudy environment

Kumykov T.S.

The paper presents the effect of potential difference initiation at the boundary of water-ice phase during water freezing which is associated with charged bubble transfer from a liquid phase to ice during water freezing. ...

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Research of the electric field in Yakutsk in 2009-2012

Kozlov V.I., Mullayarov V.A., Tarabukina L.D., Toropov A.A.

The results of experimental studies of the electric field near the Earth's surface by electrostatic fluxmeter for the period 2009-2012 are presented. Diurnal and seasonal variations during calm weather conditions are shown. Features of electric field behavior during winter fogs are described. ...

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On the level of atmospheric electric field fluctuations at the long periods: T=1-100 days

Klimenko V.V., Mareev E.A., Shatalina M.V.

One of many goals of atmospheric electricity investigations is the search of possible direct influence of solar activity on the global electric circuit (GEC) state. ...

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Thin current sheets in the Earth and Venus magnetotails

Zelenyi L.M., Artemyev A.V., Petrukovich A.A., Vasko I.Y., Malova H.V., Popov V.Y.

The Earth magnetotail, the region on the night side with the field lines stretched in the Sun-Earth direction, forms due to the interaction between the Earth dipole field and the solar wind flow. On the other hand, Venus has no intrinsic magnetic field. ...

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Features of wave packet generatin by solar terminator according to GPS data from different latitude regions for 2008

Edemskiy I.K., Malkova P.L., Yasyukevich Yu.V.

Application of the earlier measurements of total electron content (TEC) variations allowed us to discover, that solar terminator (ST) passage generates middle scale wave packets. ...

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X-ray source effect on VLF radiation diurnal period amplitude

Druzhin G.I., Mel'nikov A.N., Cherneva N.V.

On the basis of observation data at "Karymshina" and "Paratunka" sites (Kamchatka), spectral analysis of natural VLF noise envelope for the frequencies of 0.7, 1.2, 5.3 kHz for 1997 - 2006 and of pulse radiation (atmospherics) in the frequency band of 3 - 60 кГц for 2002 - 2006 was carried out. ...

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Magnetosphere formation in the 3D kinetic approach by solar wind plasma flow characterized by shape of the particle distribution function. The new parameters of interaction and new spatial scalings

Gubchenko V.M.

The classic problem of the magnetosphere "outer" part formation by the solar wind plasma flow, including the forward effect, magnetotail formation, and the backward effect, dipolization, was considerd in the 3D large scale kinetic approximation via a self-consistent solutions of Vlasov/Maxwell ...

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Effect of variations in short wave solar radiation on atmosphere composition and dynamics according to observations and modeling

Gruzdev A.N., Bezverkhny V.A., Schmidt H., Brasseur G.P.

Short wave solar radiation flux at the top of the Earth's atmosphere undergoes variations within a broad range of time scales. Among them are the oscillations with periods of about 11 years (11-year cycle), 2-2.5 years (quasi-biennial cycle), and 27 days (27-day or rotational cycle). ...

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Decimetre and infrared radiation of the lower ionosphere during solar activity increase

Golubkov G.V., Manzhelii M.I.

During geomagnetic disturbances a considerable change of electron temperature Te from media media temperature Ts, i.e. Te< More → →

Study of the dependence of TEC variation intensity on radiosounding geometry by GNSS

Voeykov S.V., Osipchuk V.N.

The paper presents the investigation of 2-10 minute variations in total electron content (TEC), obtained by the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), on the angles to satellites. ...

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Study of collision-induced oxygen complexes

Vasilchenko S.S., Serdyukov V.I., Sinitsa L.N., Voronin B.A., Polovtseva E.R.

The (O2)2 molecular complexes play an important role in atmospheric chemistry and radiation transfer, however many properties of these atmospheric complexes are still far from being entirely understood. ...

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Measurements of water vapor total content in the solar spectrum of the atmosphere

Vasilchenko S.S., Serdyukov V.I., Sinitsa L.N., Voronin B.A., Kabanov D.M., Makarova M.V.

Registration of absorption spectra of solar radiation, passed through the the Earth's atmosphere, was carried out by the Fourier spectrometer IFS-125M. All spectra were recorded during the period of May 17-23, 2012. ...

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Physics of potentially geoeffective solar phenomena

Buechner J.

The Sun is a major factor controlling geophysical fields from the Earth's magnetosphere down to the atmosphere. While the major influencing factors will be reviewed shortly a special emphasis will be put on eruptive phenomena. ...

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Lidar backscattering signals from the upper atmosphere at Kamchatka in geomagnetic disturbances

Bychkov V.V., Perezhogin A.S., Shevtsov B.M., Polech N.M.

Experimental data showing correlation of back scattering signals at the wavelength of 532 nm with the parameters determining plasma content in nighttime ionospheric F2 layer are presented. ...

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Cloud microstructure effect on the polarization state of lidar signal

Bryukhanova V.V.

Propagation of optical radiation in the atmosphere depends on the phase structure, and, in the presence of crystalline particles, even on their orientation in space, which is largely determined by crystal sizes. ...

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Possible self-consistent mechanism of formation and disintegration of a ring current

Bogdanov V.V., Kaisin A.V.

One of possible self-consistent mechanism of formation and disintegration of a ring current (RC) is offered in this work. ...

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Characteristics of the seismic process within the statistical diffusion model of plastic flows

Sheremetyeva O.V., Popova A.V.

Statistical model of plastic flows on the example of the subduction zone of the Kuril-Kamchatka arch was developed according to the data of Global CMT catalog for the period 1976-2005 (magnitude values 4-7, 50o-60oN, 156o-166oE, 221 events), and the basic characteristics of the flows were ...

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Acoustic-electromagnetic radiation of the lithosphere

Uvarov V.N., Isaev A.Yu., Pukhov V.M., Sannikov D.V., Mel'nikov A.N.

To determine the relation of lithosphere geoacoustic emission and its deformation-electromagnetic radiation, a synchronous registration of acoustic and electromagnetic signals was carried out in September, 2011 at Karymshina station, where the level of anthropogenic noise is quite low and the ...

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Increase of radon and thoron volumetric activity at Kamchatka before the catastrophic earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011

Rulenko O.P., Kuzmin Yu.D.

The paper presents the results of measurements of radon Rn and thoron Tn volumetric activity at Karymshina observation point (52.8140N, 158.1050E) that is located in the area of Verkhnyaya-Paratunka hydrothermal system in Kamchatka. ...

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Project PRE-EARTHQUAKES - monitoring earthquake precursors: strategy and first results

Romanov Aleksey, Romanov Aleksandr

PRE-EARTHQUAKES (Processing Russian and European EARTH observations for earthQUAKE precursors Studies) EU-FP7 project is devoted to demonstrate - integrating different observational data, comparing and improving different data analysis methods - how it is possible to progressively increase ...

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Hardware-software system for the registration of surface rock deformation.

Nepomnyashchiy Y.A.

Laser interferometer-deformographs are unique instruments, which are just a few and allow monitoring of surface rock deformations with high accuracy of about tenths of a nanometer. The main difference between these devices is the interference signal registration system. ...

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Investigation of geoacoustic emission disturbances at Mikizha lake during 2002-2012

Mishchenko M.A., Marapulets Yu.V., Larionov I.A., Solodchuk A.A.

On the basis of observation data for 2002-2012 at Mikizha Lake, investigations of geoacoustic emission disturbances during fair weather conditions have been carried out. The relation of these disturbances with seismic activity in the region have been analyzed. ...

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Influence of winter cyclones of Kamchatka region on ionosphere electron distribution

Bogdanov V.V., Kaisin A.V., Polyukhova A.L., Romanov A.A.

The paper presents the results of research of possible cyclone effect on ionosphere parameters. Monitoring of the ionosphere was carried out by automatic sounding devices applying low-orbit spacecraft navigation. ...

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Complex study of wave processes in the ionosphere over Kamchatka

Bogdanov V.V., Zhivetiev I.V., Polyukhova A.L., Romanov A.A.

The work presents preliminary results of simultaneous observations of ionosphere state by radio tomography, GPS radio interferometry and vertical radio sounding methods. ...

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The electromagnetic field generated by capillary drops oscillations

Bogatov N.A.

The exact solution for the full electromagnetic field generated by capillary oscillations of a drop of an ideal conducting liquid electrically charged and subsninuted to external homogeneous constant electric field was found in this report. ...

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Annual Variations of the Critical Frequency foF2 at the Equatorial Ionization Anomaly Station during the Two Last Solar Minima

Biktash L.Z

The paper presents the investigations of foF2 critical frequency annual variations at equatorial stations to detect the causes which affect the ionosphere during solar minima. ...

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Equatorial ionospheric variations caused by different large-scale solar wind structures

Biktash L.Z.

The paper presents the analysis of critical frequency foF2 variations and virtual height h'F at equatorial and ionospheric stations during geomagnetic storms of different nature. ...

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Quasiperiodic fluctuations of electron concentration in ionospheric F2 layer: seasonal and diurnal dependences

Barabash V.V., Chernogor L.F.

Regular and quasiperiodic seasonal and diurnal variations of electron concentration, N, in ionospheric F2- layer during solar activity increase (2011) are analyzed. Short-time Fourier transform, adaptive Fourier transform and wavelet transform were applied to the system spectral analysis. ...

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Regular and stochastic variations in different components of secondary cosmic rays

Balabin Yu.V., Germanenko A.V.

In the Laboratory of Cosmic Rays continuous monitoring of the different components of secondary cosmic rays has been carried out for several years. ...

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Variability of aerosol and electrical characteristics of the atmosphere in areas of tectonic activity

Alekseev V.A., Alekseeva N.G., Grishin A.I., Matvienko G.G.

The problem of short-term earthquake prediction so far has not been solved, although in recent decades created a number of new methods for the study of precursors of seismic processes. These include monitoring the flow of gases and aerosols released into the air from the depths of the earth. ...

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Global characteristics between the equatorial electrojet and neutral wind in the Mesosphere-Thermosphere-Ionosphere region

Abe S., Shinbori A., Yatagai A., Ikeda D., Tsuda T. and IUGONET

The equatorial electrojet (EEJ) is a huge eastward current which flows at the dayside equatorial region of the Earth's ionosphere, in a narrow channel (±(3 ∼ 5)◦ in latitudinal range). ...

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