Dynamics and features of geomagnetic disturbance propagation during magnetic storms (based on ground station network)

  1. Institute of Cosmophysical Research and Radio Wave Propagation FEB RAS, 684034, Kamchatskiy Kray, Paratunka, Mirnaya st., 7, Russia
  2. Yu. G. Shafer Institute of Cosmophysical Research and Aeronomy SB RAS, 677980 Yakutsk, Lenin Ave., 31, Russia
  3. CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute, Telangana, Hyderabad -500007, India

The paper suggests a new technique for magnetic data analysis to detect and to estimate short-time anomalous increases in geomagnetic disturbance intensity. Based on the technique and applying the data of meridionally arranged stations in the north-east of Russia («Kotel'nyi» KTN, «Tixi» TIX, «Chokurdakh» CHD, «Zyryanka» ZYK, «Mys Shmidta» CPS, «Yakutsk» YAK, «Magadan» MGD, «Paratunka» PET, «Khabarovsk» KHB) and the near equatorial Indian stations ("Hyderabad" HYB and "Choutuppal" CPL), we analyzed the geomagnetic field variations during strong magnetic storms. This approach allowed us to detect simultaneously occurring local increases in geomagnetic activity observed a few hours before events and during the main phases of magnetic storms. The development of the method was supported by RSF Grant No.14-11-
00194. Experimental investigations were supported by RFBR Grant No. 16-55-45007.

E3S Web of Conferences. - 2017. - Vol.20, N02008. - 14p. (DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/20172002008) - VIII International Conference "Solar-Terrestrial Relations and Physics of Earthquake Precursors"