New vector/scalar Overhauser DNP magnetometers POS-4 for magnetic observatories and directional oil drilling support

  1. Ural Federal University, Quantum magnetometry laboratory, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  2. Geophysical Center RAS, Moscow
  3. Institute of Cosmophysical Researches and Radio Wave Propagation FEB RAS, Paratunka, Kamchatsky Kray, Russia
  4. Geophysical Observatory "Arti", Institute of Geophysics UB RAS

This paper covers same results of the research directed at developing an absolute vector proton magnetometer POS-4 based on the switching bias magnetic fields methods. Due to the high absolute precision and stability magnetometer POS-4 found application not only for observatories and to directional drilling support of oi and gas well. Also we discuss the some basic errors of measurements and discuss the long-term experience in the testing of magnetic observatories ART and PARATUNKA.

Magnetic Resonance in Solids. Electronic Journal. - 2016. - Vol. 18, No 2. - 16209 (9 pp.)