Methodological and software approaches to processing of magnetic measurements at observatories of IKIR FEB RAS, Russia

  1. Institute of Cosmophysical Research and Radio Wave Propagation of FEB RAS

Main methodological principles of the softwares used for processing the data of magnetic observatories of IKIR FEB RAS, Far East, Russia are presented, which are prepared using mathematical package MATLAB and Octave as set of scripts and functions with open code. The ultimate goal of the processing steps is to achieve the full vector of the magnetic field at every minute, including reported and adjusted data calculation. The softwares are designed so that: (a) visualization of data during all steps of processing is available; (b) intermediate files of partially processed data are not produced, only primary data are used during any step of processing, the additional procedures, such as noise removing, temperature correction accounting and so on, are used as separate modulus and files. The processing steps have been applied to data of different magnetometers to establish robustness of the method. The block diagrams of magnetic data processing and the examples of service files and screenshots are presented.

J. Ind. Geophys. Union (Special Volume - 2). - 2016. - P.54-61 ( – 10.03.2016)