About some small effects in magnetic field at observatories Paratunka (Kamchatka, Russia) and Choutuppal (India)

  1. Institute of Cosmophysical Research and Radio Wave Propagation FEB RAS, Mirnaya st., 7, Paratunka, 684034, Kamchatka, Russia
  2. National Geophysical Research Institute, Uppal Road, Hyderabad, 500007, Telengana, India

Small (up to 1 nT) effects in the magnetic field recorded at the observatories Paratunka (PET, IKIR FEB RAS, Kamchatka, Russia) and Choutuppal (CPL, CSIR-NGRI, India) are considered, including diurnal and seasonal variations primarily in the total intensity field and baselines. The effects are not related to the technical features of magnetometers, electromagnetic interference or man-made noise. Inhomogeneities in the magnetization of rocks in the pavilions area and its temperature dependence, as well as induction effects, are considered as a possible mechanisms. The results of direct measurements of magnetic susceptibility are presented, the manifestations of its inhomogeneities are compared qualitatively with model calculations.

Dmitriev, A., Lichtenberger, J., Mandrikova, O., Nahayo, E. (eds) Solar-Terrestrial Relations and Physics of Earthquake Precursors. STRPEP 2023. Springer Proceedings in Earth and Environmental Sciences. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-50248-4_23