The revision of archival magnetic data of the observatories of IKIR FEB RAS: actuality, progress and prospects

  1. Institute of Cosmophysical Research and Radio Wave Propagation FEB RAS, 684034, Paratunka, Russia
  2. Kamchatka State Technical University, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russian Federation

The archives of the magnetic data of the observatories "Magadan" MGD, "Cape Schmidt" CPS, "Khabarovsk" KHB and "Paratunka" PET of IKIR FEB RAS, presented at WDC and INTERMAGNET and in local database of observatories, are considered. The hourly value datasets of MGD and PET in WDC contain the errors such as spikes and jumps and gaps for some years. Some available old data of CPS and KHB for past year are not published. Main progress with magnetic measurements is associated with INTERMAGNET status of observatories MGD, KHB and PET after 2011. A significant achievement was obtaining the digital images of analog magnetograms of MGD (1998-2005, WDC for STP, Moscow) and PET (1967-2006, under financial support of VarSITI project). Revision of old magnetic data of IKIR observatories is necessary because they continue to be important for the scientific community. The work is carried out in the following areas: (a) the checking of hourly data, available in WDC, the correction of spikes and jumps; (b) the filling of gaps in analogue data using the images of magnetograms; (c) the filling of gaps using the some digital data, available after 2000. This work was supported by Russian Science Foundation Grant No.14-11-00194.

Conrad Observatory Journal. - 2019. - N5. - P.22. - [ISBN: 978-3-903171-05-3,]