Digital signal processing methods for geoacoustic emission

  1. Institute of cosmophysical research and radio wave propagation

The paper describes an approach to the processing and analysis of pulse  geoacoustic emission signals (frequency is up to 20 kHz). This approach includes detection, waveform recovery, time-frequency analysis of geoacoustic pulses. The detection is performed using an adaptive threshold scheme. The wavelet thresholding is used to recover the pulse waveform. Time-frequency analysis is performed using the sparse approximation method. The obtained information is summarized by the histogram method. Some practical results of applying the approach to the geoacoustic emission signals recorded 15 days before the strong Kamchatka earthquakes are presented.

Lukovenkova O.O., Solodchuk A.A. Digital signal processing methods for geoacoustic emission // 2021 23rd International Conference on Digital Signal Processing and its Applications, DSPA-2021. IEEE, 2021. Code 171775. DOI: 10.1109/DSPA51283.2021.9535762