Software "NMHS-numerical modeling of a hereditary system by multi-step method" has been developed

The author is a senior researcher of the Laboratory of Electromagnetic Radiation IKIR FEB RAS, Kazakov Evgeniy Anatolevich.

The software is aimed at numerical modeling of dynamic regimes of a hereditary two-dimensional system described by integro-defferential equations.

This system was proposed by the author of the software as dynamo hereditary model. Two phase variables describe time dynamics of field toroidal and poloidal components, the integrator models hereditary suppression of square alpha effect from phase variables. Spacial cases of this form correspond to the magnetic helicity and field energy.

The basis of the software is the developed original differential scheme "predictor-corrector" for the differential part and the quadrature Simpson method for system integral part. High-level Java programming language and Eclipce environment framework, free integrated environment framework for Java, were chosen for the application development.

Possible directions of application: modeling of a hereditary system, investigation of dynamic regimes.

The work was supported by the Russian Scientific Founding "Modeling of dynamic processes in geospheres taking into account the hereditarity", No. 22-11-00064 from May 12, 2022.