Presentation «Small-mode hereditary models of space dynamo» will be made at the seminar on November 11, 2023

Kazakov Evgeniy, researcher of the Laboratory of Electromagnetic Radiation of IKIR FEB RAS, will make a presentation at the regular session of the seminar «Modern problems of mathematical Physics» (Institute of Mathematics by V.I. Romanovskiy of Uzbekistan Republic Academy of Sciences, Institute of Applied Mathematics and Automation KBNTs RAN) on November 15, 2023 at 16:00 (Tashkent time (GMT+5), 14:00 Moscow time).

Presentation title: «Small-mode hereditary models of space dynamo» Abstract: Hydromagnetic dynamo mechanism provides generation of large-scale magnetic fields of space objects such as planets, stars and galaxies. A two-mode model was obtained from general equations of cinematic dynamo based on Galerkin approximations. The model describes magnetic field component generation by large-scale and turbulent generators. Self-consistent generation of the field of finite magnitude in the model is provided by hereditary suppression of a turbulent quadric generator from field components, in particular its energy and/or helicity. Existence and uniqueness of model integro-differential equations under very general assumptions on suppression functional kernel structure at any finite interval of modeling was proved. Implicit scheme for numerical modeling was developed. It was shown that numerical scheme has the first-order accuracy, and in a particular case, model equations match the classical Lorentz system. That made it possible to verify the numerical scheme and the program code. Numerical experiments were carried out. It was shown that all typical dynamic modes, observed in real systems of space dynamo, are realized in the model.

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